.: The eBroselow System by Dr. James Broselow, inventor of the Broselow Tape :.

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SafeDose subscriptions can be for individual use or for an entire organization:

Select the Subscription Type

- choose this to get all eBroselow medications on our mobile app.
- does not contain eBroselow algorithms or special features (Burns, recalc etc.)

- access to eBroselow from a single web browser window at a time.
- online elearning
- algorithms
- Burns, recalc and other special features

- access to eBroselow from an unlimited number of web-based users at an organization
- online elearning
- webinars
- optional extra features such as barcode scanning capability
- optional customized content
- optional mobile app version with customized content included for all users at the organization
- algorithms
- Burns, recalc and other special features
- EMR integration