.: The eBroselow System by Dr. James Broselow, inventor of the Broselow Tape :.

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eBroselow SafeDose: Instant Dose Checking, Logging and Ordering

eBroselow SafeDose lets you compare in seconds almost any order of oral and/or parenteral medications against the huge, pre-calculated eBroselow database It's like having a pharmacist (and Doctor Broselow) looking over your shoulder to make sure any dose you give is accurate.

Instant Dose Checking

To verify the accuracy of any ordered dose, simply select the patient's weight range or Broselow Color and then choose your drug and indication from a list. No more calculations on the fly, no more input mistakes. eBroselow SafeDose immediately displays the standard eBroselow dose, both in mg and mL of the most common concentration. You can instantly compare to see if the ordered dose is in the correct range.

Need the exact dose in mL? eBroselow SafeDose lets you easily select the ordered dose and automatically adjusts the volume (in mL) to match. eBroselow SafeDose also gives you immediate access to appropriate preparation and administration instructions along with warnings and significant potential side effects.

Standardized, Medically-Reviewed Content

Artemis Initiative A joint effort of eBroselow and the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group, the Artemis Initiative is an international standard for pediatric dosing.The results of this initiative have been incorporated into the eBroselow system (both the web and mobile products). eBroselow’s comprehensive database includes hundreds of drugs and indications. The application covers all categories of acute and ambulatory care. All dosage content is delivered in a simple, visual format that is entirely compatible with the dose ranges in the Broselow Tape.

Compatible With eBroselow

In a hospital that has incorporated the eBroselow Hospital System as a standard, you can automatically sync your eBroselow SafeDose app to match the hospital's preferred concentrations.

eBroselow SafeDose Features

This common sense tool provides a convenient solution for acute dosing, event logging and medication ordering.
Features include:

  • Comprehensive database of over 1000 drugs and indications
  • Prescribe doses and dose-check in seconds
  • EMS and Emergency Room record keeping and communications
  • Infusion grids

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Product Formats

eBroselow SafeDose is available in a wide range of mobile formats for easy access to all members of the healthcare team, including EMS and remote staff:

Download the app for your iPhone, iTouch or iPad.

Download the app for your Android device.

Download the app for your BlackBerry (Free).

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