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Jim Broselow revolutionized how we approach and plan for emergency management and medical care in children with the Broselow Tape, a length-based dosing and equipment staging device. Now, he and his team have taken the Broselow Tape concept another step further by creating Artemis. Artemis is a web-based dose preparation and tracking system that standardizes how doses are prepared, delivered, and documented both by first responders in the field and by first providers in the ED. Jim's ground-breaking work in patient safety has been recognized this year with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP). His passion for pediatric patient safety and therapeutic standardization are world class and permeate every conversation that we have about implementation and next steps for conceptual design and improvement.

Richard (Rick) Parrish, PhD, BCPS
Clinical Practice Leader - Pharmacy

Jim Broselow is a visionary medical leader who, in concert with colleagues, has guided numerous projects designed to faciitate delivery of emergency care for children. More importantly, every one of his innovations has helped make care safer and more effective. While the drivers of his success have been many, the primary, overarching motivation for all of Dr. Broselow's efforts has been his intense personal commitment to improving emergency care for all children.

J.J. Tepas, III
Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at University of Florida

I have known James Broselow as a colleague and friend for 30 years. Jim is not only an excellent emergency physician, teacher, and administrator, but more importantly, he is an innovator who has the gift of being able to look at a problem and come up with a solution that is simple, practical, reliable, and USEFUL. I look at the products he has developed (Broselow Tape and Artemis drug dosing system) and am in awe.

John Campbell

Dr. Broselow has developed an amazing system to reduce medical error in children in emergency settings...bravo!

Marianne Gausche-Hill
Professor of Medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Dr Broselow is an icon in the field of Emergency Medicine; his innovative Broselow Tape has become the standard of care in the pediatric population and has facilitated safer more efficient care of our children.

Of late, he has taken the concept of the Broselow Tape to a whole new level by making it available in a convenient electronic format that is easy to access in a busy Emergency Department. The new electronic version is a quantum leap forward from the original in that it not only provides clinical decision support but also contains bar code scanning confirmation of correct medication administration.

James is a man of character and integrity and is an amazing innovator. I recommend him to you without reservation and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

Rolland Phillips
Medical Director of ED Informatics at Carolinas Healthcare System

Dr. James Broselow has revolutionized the emergency care of children with his simple but elegant tools for pediatric medication dosing and administration, as well as straightforward, protocol-driven approaches to manage all manner of pediatric emergencies. He's taken his system beyond pediatric emergency care in recent years to provide invaluable resources for clinicians on the front lines to benefit all children, not only those in crisis. I have known and worked with Dr. Broselow for the past 10 years. I am in awe of his ongoing passion for assuring pediatric safety and his constant pursuit of ways to improve the resources available to health care personnel. I have a deep respect for Dr. Broselow and his enormous contributions to pediatric clinical practice. Many, many children are alive and well today because of his efforts.

Linda Laskowski-Jones
Editor-In-Chief at Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

I have known and worked with Jim for several years and have used his eBroselow system in our Pediatric ED for years. Without exaggeration, it is the best product of its type on the market and has proved to be immensely valuable in the clinical care of critically ill children. He is a true visionary with a passion to make the care of children better across the country.

Nate Mick, MD FACEP
Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Maine Medical
Center Asst. Professor of Emergency Med Tufts School of Medicine

Dr. Broselow is a true visionary, his products, including the Broselow Tape and the eBroselow software have helped us in providing high quality, safe emergent care to the pediatric patients who present in our system of Emergency Rooms for care. Dr. Broselow is an expert in his field who has proven to be able to demonstrate tremendous value in both the administrative as well as clinical settings. Having a close relationship with Dr. Broselow has made us better at what we do...provide quality care to our patients.

Tyler White
Emergency Services Administrator, HCA TriStar Division

Jim is a visionary leader in the field. His enthusiasm and fantastic communication style partnered with his clinical experience are a winning combination. His passion for patient safety and sharing his solutions are obvious - he identified a significant gap in emergency care many years ago and commited himself to filling it. He's a pleasure to work with.

Shari Rhees Medina MD FACEP
Sr. Director Clinical Informatics (Picis) at OptumInsight

It has been such a pleasure working with Jim Broselow. He is an innovative thinker, always keeping the health and safety of children in mind as he creates new products and services. Additionally, he has integrity in all of his business ventures. I highly recommend him -- both as a business partner and as a great guy.

Kristen Acord Lalowski
Vice President, Product Management, Product Marketing at Picis

Having not only followed Dr. Broselow's work for many years, but also engaged in a collegial relationship in which I have seen first hand Dr. Broselow's commitment and passion to this important work of proper medication dosing for children. His dedication to advancing this work is admirable and he is to be highly recommended as a source of wisdom and authority with regard to this subject.

Rebecca McNair
President, Faculty at Triage First, Inc.

I had the priviledge of working with Dr Broselow in implementing his medication administration system for pediatric. It is truly an advancement in safe medication practices in the care of the pediatric patient in an adult worrld - in particular the emergency room. Just like the broselow pediatric cart, this is a MUST HAVE for EVERY emergency room that provides any care to the pediatric patient.

Rose McKelvie
Service Line Director, Women & Children's Services

Dr. James Broselow has made treating children in emergency medical situations, safe and virtually error free. His tools, including the Broselow Tape, the Broselow code cart and the eBroselow, have made medication dosing for children safe. He is an excellent speaker, a knowledgeable and brilliant pediatrician and a creative mind!

Michelle Tracy
Director of Emergency Services at Marin General Hospital

Dr. Broselow has worked with me on several occasions as we strive to improve pediatric emergency care throughout our state. He always has fabulous ideas and is passionate about improving patient care and making the medical environment safer. I highly recommend him.

Angie Bowen
EMSC Regional Coordinator/Trauma Coordinator at East Tennessee Children's Hospital

Jim Broselow is a "household word" when it comes to management of pediatric patients and his Broselow tape and Broselow system has, no doubt, made the difference in whether or not pediatric patients in the prehospital setting or in emergency care at any level were receiving appropriate care. It's been my honor to have known Jim for a number of years and it's been my privilege to recommend his system on many, many occasions.

Doc Clinchy
CEO, Emergency Medical Resources, LLC

Jim really needs no recommendation from me- he is a "down to earthy type person", an amazing clinician, he is an innovator, creative and is constantly seeking new ways to improve delivery and quality of care to children. He has changed the practice of pediatric emergency care with an international impact.

Andrea Novak
Board of Director- Member-at-Large at Academy of Emergency Nursing

I have known of Jim Broselow for many years and had the pleasure of getting to know him over the past decade or so as a colleague, valued resource and co-author. Dr. Broselow has contributed to the increased safety of emergency medical care for pediatric patients in many ways and it is no surprise that he was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the ISMP.

Michael Seaver, RN
Clinical Process Consultant at Allscripts

It has been my pleasure to consult with Dr. Broselow from time to time regarding pediatrics and nurse education. Our company, Triage First, Inc., promotes the use of his materials and knowledge to advance pediatric care for emergency departments. I highly recommend him to you.

Michael McNair
Graphic Design and eLearning Development

James is excellent to work with. His products, the Broselow cart and tape, are easy to use and promote patient safety. I would highly recommend any healthcare facility caring for children utilize his products.

Susan Engleman
Clinical Specialist, Quality, Patient Safety & Infection Control at Texas Children's Hospital


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